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Emergency Lighting
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What is emergency lighting?

These are lighting units which contain several rechargeable batteries and come on when mains electricity is lost. The batteries are kept recharged by being connected to the mains. Good batteries, fully charged should last 3 hours. They are not usually lit (though there are ordinary light fittings available that also contain batteries for emergency power loss).

Why would I need them?

If you have a fire, it can burn through ordinary cable and take out your lighting. Corridors may be dark and smoky. The emergency lighting units will allow everyone to see their way to emergency exits and escape. Even if it's only a power cut, a building with corridors and stairs in pitch dark is a dangerous place where accidents are much more likely.

How easy are they to install?

Very. They are connected to the existing wiring, with their own isolator keyswitch, so they can be independently switched on for testing, or off for maintenance.

Do they need testing?

Yes. They require a monthly "flip" test on and off, to check they function, then a six monthly one hour duration test, and if the building is occupied at night, an annual three hour duration test. The technician switches them on at the isolator switch and leaves them on while carrying out the rest of the fire servicing routines.

Fire Safety Cornwall


We provide the full range of fire safety in Cornwall including:

  • fire alarms
  • smoke alarms
  • passive fire protection
  • fire extinguishers
  • fire risk assessments

For more information on services and products, please visit our fire safety page.

Security Systems Cornwall


As well as providing fire safety, Fal Fire can help to protect your home or business with a range of security systems including:

  • security systems
  • CCTV
  • door entry and access control
  • panic alarms

For more information, please visit our security page.

Fire Training Cornwall

extinguisher practice

Effective fire prevention and management starts with training your staff in fire awareness, procedures, and use of fire extinguishers. We provide both live and online fire training to cover all your needs.

  • Online training courses
  • 1 hour verbal fire awareness training
  • 3 hour fire warden training
  • Live fire training
  • Bespoke fire training

For more information, please see our fire training page.

Environmental Responsibilities


We think that our role in protecting our world is of great importance, and as a company working with many different types of waste, we ensure that we always process and recycle our waste sustainably and in compliance with all current waste regulations. 

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