Fire Alarm Systems


A fire alarm is an early fire warning system. It detects a fire or smoke and alerts people throughout the premises so they can have the chance to escape before the fire traps them. This is crucial - because fire moves with extraordinary speed and ferocity, rapidly generating lethal gases which will main and kill within minutes.

If you have identified a potential requirement for such as system; either through your Fire Risk Assessment, or perhaps a Fire & Rescue Service Fire Safety Audit, there will be a number of questions and doubts in your mind.

Probably the first questions will be:

Do I really need a fire alarm?

How much will is cost?

How can you be sure you are getting the most cost effective solution?

We can assist you to answer all of these questions.

There are varying degrees of fire alarm equipment, from simple wireless smoke alarms systems that set each other off, through to a fully wired (or wireless) comprehensive system installed throughout the area to be protected. Which one is appropriate for you will depends on your own personal situation. 


The best way to find out what solutions are available for your needs and budget is to ask for a visit from one of our surveyors. They will meet you at the premises, carry out the survey, and discuss the likely options. Based on this discussion, you may ask us to send you a quote, which we are happy to do.  All of this is at no charge or further commitment to you. You then have the freedom to consider your position, ask us for answers to any more questions and make up your mind in your own time.

We will only recommend equipment that meets the reasonable requirements for


adequate fire safety in your premises.

Please remember that when you are comparing prices, it is very important to ask whether the installer has priced for CE marked equipment and also whether it will be installed to the requirements of BS 5839 – the BS governing fire alarms.

Along with having a fire alarm system installed, we'll place a Fire Safety Documents box. This is where all documentation relating to fire risk assessments, current installations and the smooth running of the fire safety equipment will be stored. The box itself is fire retardant and the information kept within is vital for the maintainence of your installation and thus the safety of your property.

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