Fire Safety signs are outside our consciousness, but they’re a vital part of the fire safety arrangements in any building.

- They identify the locations and  types of fire extinguishers and what fires they can be safely used on.

- They are, or should be,  all around us showing us the safe way out in the event of fire. 

- They identify doors and tell us whether they should be kept locked or unlocked. 

- They should be photoluminescent (glow in the dark) if the building is occupied after dark.  



We only use the highest quality photoluminescent signs to install to ensure the safety of your employees and patrons. Everlux signs stay glowing for hours after the lights have gone out and begin to glow even in the slightest dimming of light.

Having properly visible signs showing the directions to the fire exits could make all the difference in the occurrence of a fire. 

Don’t overlook this important aspect of fire safety on your premises, and keep your signage up to date as the premises change.

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