The Products & Equipment That We Usece mark

We supply and install a wide range of Fire Protection Products & Equipment, all of which is CE (Conformité Européene) marked. This means that is meets EU consumer safety, health or environmental standards. We are dedicated to your safety - which means that we never compromise on quality.

The Products & Equipment That We Don't Use

It is possible to obtain fire protection equipment more cheaply that is not CE marked, or falsely CE marked, either through general suppliers or off the internet, but these do not comply. There is no guarantee of standard or reliability. For something as critical as fire alarm equipment, upon which your life may one day depend, it is not an economy worth making.

Nor do we use equipment which is “closed protocol” ie the manufacturers do not allow access to codes for the control equipment, which enables them to tie customers in to long contracts, and charge higher prices.

How We Work

The best way to find out what solutions are available for your needs and budget is to talk to us!

We can arrange for a visit from one of our surveyors.

-  They will meet you at the premises, carry out the survey, and discuss the likely options. 
-  Based on this discussion, you may ask us to send you a quote, which we will then do. 
-  You can then consider your position, ask us further questions and make up your mind in your own time.

All of this is carried out with no charge and no further commitment for you. 

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