Servicing – Is it necessary?

Any system that you have installed, upon which you rely for safety or security, will need to be periodically serviced. This will never guarantee that it won’t break down, but it will minimise the chances of that happening, and identify any failing parts, hence maintaining the system. Maintaining your safety systems in a serviceable and reliable state is a professional and responsible attitude to your customers, as well as helping to avoid catastrophic or potentially expensive failure.

Some systems, such as fire alarms and your extinguishers, will require evidence of routine servicing to enable you to show you are compliant. Failure to do so may result in the Fire Service taking action. If people come to your premises to stay, they rely on you to take reasonable steps to protect them, and you have a legal duty to do so.

It makes sense to take out a service contract with a reliable company, such as Fal Fire. We will notify you when your service is due, and provide you with all your service records, for safe storage at your premises and online. Forgetting is not an option but with so many things to remember, it could easily be forgotten, leaving you vulnerable should something occur. Please ask if you are interested. We will come to your premises and carry out a no-obligation survey, discuss your requirements with you, and leave you alone to make up your mind.

We now offer monthly direct debit payments, to spread your costs over the year.

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