Access Control

Door Entry  / Access Control Systems

Who you let into your house or premises should always be your choice and we can help you to ensure you stay in charge.

We can supply and install various door entry systems, including coded entry, key fobs, door entry phone systems and video linked panels so you can see who has come to visit. These are now very affordable, and in conjunction with other premises security steps, will help to make occupants feel secure

Non-Domestic / Commercial Premises – your legal responsibility

Many admin staff in small businesses often work alone. A door entry system with a camera allows staff to monitor who they are letting into the building, and prevents people from entering without supervision. In conjunction with a panic button if things go wrong, your staff and premises will be better protected from undesirable people. The CCTV will usually deter anyone up to no good.

Semi-Domestic premises like B&Bs

If you run a business from your home, you may expect visitors and the same things apply as above. In particular, B&Bs have to expect strangers roaming the house at all hours. As a guesthouse, your guests will expect keys to all the doors they must access to come and go. Generally speaking, these keys are handed out and returned on a trust basis which mostly works; but even if you restrict access to certain areas, you must still take the necessary steps to protect individual guests and their property. Doors to guest rooms do not need a key. They can be operated with a digital lock, and you can change the combination routinely to keep the room secure. Likewise your front door can be similarly locked. Add in a small inexpensive CCTV system and you can keep tabs on all visitors, guests or not. And CCTV deters crime.

Domestic Premises - Do you know who is knocking on your door? Or a loved one’s door?

Domestic door entry systems are becoming more popular as they become cheaper. Opening the door to a stranger is an act of trust; but undesirable people do get through open front doors, either by force or because in particular, elderly people or children, may not be assertive enough to ask them to go away. A simple door entry system enabling more vulnerable people to interrogate and inspect visitors leaves the occupant in control. These can also work from anywhere in the house, or remotely, so frail residents do not have to get up and down to answer the door. Stopping an unwanted visitor from getting in is a lot easier than getting them out.

Security within buildings

Restricting access to different areas of buildings can be an important security consideration. This may be to keep people, information or other valuable assets secure. It also protects people in other ways, because you will know who has been where if crime occurs.

NOTE: you must NEVER secure a premises such that occupants cannot escape from a fire. Door locking systems can be fail open or fail safe, meaning that if the power fails, they can either release, or stay locked, depending on their purpose. Most can be opened mechanically from the inside, to get out in an emergency. The surveyor will discuss these issues with you.

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