Security Systems

Intruder Alarms /Security Systems

These are usually found installed in buildings (or parts of buildings) which are empty for part of the time –for example, at night.  They  are intended to detect a covert intruder and activate an alarm. The alarm may be “audible” ie the box on the outside rings loudly for up to 20 minutes, or it is “communicated” and sends a message or a phonecall through to a named person or organisation who arrange to investigate the activation.

Who needs one?

Non-Domestic Premises –shops, doctors surgeries, factories etc

Many non-domestic  premises have them because they contain valuable or otherwise desirable stock, or sensitive information (or both). When these premises are empty, the intruder alarm acts as another pair of eyes. They are often installed in conjunction with CCTV systems, to both deter and record any attempted unauthorised entry. They are a very effective deterrent.

Domestic Premises

Many householders install intruder alarms to prevent burglaries whilst they are out, or in parts of the house unoccupied at  night or other times.  It is well known that just the presence e of an alarm will make a burglar look elsewhere. CCTV covering the front and rear of domestic premises are also becoming more popular.


Intruder alarms normally detect people by infra red, although windows and doors are fitted with vibration detectors.  They may also detect pets (or even smaller night time visitors), however the system can be adjusted to allow for the presence of animals.

An intruder alarm is not suitable to protect a house with occupants moving around. The best protection for this purpose is described in the Access Control section. However, an intruder alarm can be set in zones, so frail or elderly people could set the alarm downstairs at night (so long as they don’t forget and go down for a cup of tea!)

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