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Why spend money training your staff in Fire Safety Awareness?

Nobody would willingly want to be responsible for a serious or fatal accident due to a failure to take the required action. However there are still many people who are even unaware that they are the "Responsible Person", let alone what actions they should be taking in this role. This includes ensuring the adequate Fire Safety Preparedness of any staff on their premises. Just assuming people will know how to act in a fire situation is not an adequate strategy anymore - you should take positive steps to ensure that they are properly trained. For details see our Legislation page.

Training Package 1: Staff Fire Awareness Training

This is a course intended as a basic introduction to staff fire safety awareness. It teaches staff about the law underpinning fire safety in their work place and what they have a right to reasonably expect to be in place, including who is responsible for Fire Safety. It is intended to inform staff about the key aspects of the causes and the spread of fire and identifying fire hazards. They learn how to be fire aware and the correct actions to take in the event of fire; including raising and responding to the Fire Alarm. They learn types and meanings of fire safety signs, and the theory of choosing and using fire fighting equipment in the event that they are forced to do so.

There is no practical extinguisher training with this course, and if you choose this course for your staff, it is assumed that in the event of a fire they will leave the building and call the Fire service, and not attempt to fight the fire unless lives depend upon it.

We can come to your premises to conduct this training on your site, or for a very cost effective way of meeting you staff training obligations, particularly where you only have one or two people to train check out our Scheduled Sessions which are carried out off-site - details on the left.


Training Package 2: Staff Fire Awareness Training including use of Fire Fighting Equipment

This course covers the same elements as package one, but is extended to include an outdoor training session.

This package is suitable for staff who are willing to tackle small fires and in situations where small fires are more likely, such as a cooking area.

Training Package 3: Fire Marshall and Warden Training

This package is designed for individuals whose role includes being involved in the organisation of Fire Safety. It covers the basic elements from the two previous packages shown above, but is extended to include the role and responsibility of the Fire Warden.

This is a comprehensive package and includes the following topics -

- The Theory of Fire

- Identifying Fire Hazards in the workplace

- General Fire Precautions

- Means of Escape

- Human Behaviour in Fire Situations

- Fire Statistics and Legislation

- The Premises Fire Risk Assessment Document

- Fire Alarms Types and Operation

- Fire Alarm Maintenance and Checking Routines

- Planning and Running Routine Fire Drills

- Action upon Hearing the Fire Alarm

- Correct Action in the Event of Fire

- Liaison with the Emergency Services


Of course we are very flexible in the training that we can deliver to organisations, and packages can be taylor made to meet the specific needs of any business.

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