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Claiming your free course. Until the 31/07/2019, we are offering one FREE enrolment to our Online Staff Fire Awareness Training course per organisation. To claim yours, please email our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your contact details, including the name of your organisation and we will get back to you with login details and instructions on how to use our course.


Why online training? Fire safety training for all staff members, while necessary, can be tricky to implement. Getting all of your staff together at the same place, at the same time even for a crucial staff meeting can be difficult, but we're here to help.

Fal Fire have developed an online training platform to help to streamline Fire Safety Training for your staff. Individuals can do the selected courses at a time convenient to them. Each course consists of several modules which can be completed in any order, at any time, meaning the course can be completed in several sessions, rather than a committment to an hour of someone's time. Each course awards a certificate of completion which bears a unique code to allow verification of the certificate. Each certificate will be sent to the email address associated with the account or downloaded at any time from the user's account.


Which course? We have created several courses, each designed to meet the required knowledge base for each member of staff depending on their responsibilities within the Fire Safety Management strategy of the business. 

  • The first course, Essential Staff Fire Awareness Training, should be completed by all staff. It provides the essential Fire Safety information that all staff within an organisation are entitled to know. At a cost of only £5.75+VAT per person, we want to make Fire Safety Training for your staff as easy, efficient and cost-effective as possible.


  • The second course, Fire Safety Management for the Responsible Person, which will be available soon, can be undertaken following successful completion of the first course. This course is intended for use by the person responsible for Fire Safety Management within a premises ("The Responsible Person") and provides in-depth information relating to the legal framework and strategies for implementing effective Fire Safety Management. 


How do the courses work? Once you have logged into our online training platform, you will find instructions for how to complete each course.


How do I access the courses? Individuals can enrol and pay for courses directly online by visiting our online training platform, or managers can set up enrolments for multiple staff members.


To enrol multiple members of staff at once, please follow the guidance below.

  1. Download the CSV file 'Multiple Staff Enrolment'.
  2. Fill out the CSV file providing username, first name, last name and email address
    • USERNAME RULES - To avoid duplicates, please do the following.
      • The username for each user must be lowercase and in the following format: first name initial - last name - initials of oraganisation 
      • E.g. John Smith at Fal Fire would be jsmithff. If there are two members of staff with the same name, add a number to the end of the username e.g. jsmithff1 and jsmithff2
    • The email address provided can either be that of each individual staff member or a central admin email address (multiple users can have the same email address).
  3. Save the file as a CSV format with the name 'Multiple Staff Enrolment' followed by the name of your organisation.
  4. Send an email to our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stating the number of staff members you would like to enrol and the invoice address for your invoice.
  5. Once we have received this information, we will send you out an invoice and login details for each new user.
    • Existing customers will get a credit invoice as usual and we will send you an email containing user login details for all staff enrolled.
    • New customers will be required to pay the invoice by phone or online bank transfer before login details will be sent over.
  6. Once you have received the login details for each user, they can access their account and the courses via our online training platform. 

Fire Safety Cornwall


We provide the full range of fire safety in Cornwall including:

  • fire alarms
  • smoke alarms
  • passive fire protection
  • fire extinguishers
  • fire risk assessments

For more information on services and products, please visit our fire safety page.

Security Systems Cornwall


As well as providing fire safety, Fal Fire can help to protect your home or business with a range of security systems including:

  • security systems
  • CCTV
  • door entry and access control
  • panic alarms

For more information, please visit our security page.

Fire Training Cornwall

extinguisher practice

Effective fire prevention and management starts with training your staff in fire awareness, procedures, and use of fire extinguishers. We provide both live and online fire training to cover all your needs.

  • Online training courses
  • 1 hour verbal fire awareness training
  • 3 hour fire warden training
  • Live fire training
  • Bespoke fire training

For more information, please see our fire training page.

We are also offering one FREE enrolment in our online course for the Responsible Person at your organisation. 
Offer ends 31/07/2019.

Environmental Responsibilities


We think that our role in protecting our world is of great importance, and as a company working with many different types of waste, we ensure that we always process and recycle our waste sustainably and in compliance with all current waste regulations. 

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